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Life and stuff [Jun. 7th, 2012|10:18 pm]

It’s been a long, long time since I have posted on LJ, so here is a quick update of what’s been going on in my life.

Family: Things are great, the grandsons are getting big, the oldest, Logan, will be in second grade next year, and the youngest, Joey, will be in preschool next year. Jamie and I are doing well, and are looking into moving to Portland in a couple of years.

Work: My work has been very, very busy. This September I will have 28 years in with the County of Sonoma, and when I hit the 30 year mark, that will be it for me, and I will retire.

Glass: I still put in time at the torch, but not as much as I have in the past, I have some plans in the works that are taking up a lot of my spare time.

Future plans and such: In two years and change I will be retiring from the County, and Jamie and I are planning on moving up to Portland. Jamie’s company headquarters is located in Portland, so that’s where she will be working, and for myself I am currently training to become a barber. After over thirty years of working for someone else. I want to be my own boss. 

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Glass Photos [Mar. 23rd, 2010|09:42 pm]
Glass class this weekend was a lot of fun. I worked on some new "OLD" techniques.
Core Form Vessel and a Blown Coiled Pot.

Today I also worked on some heart designs for Her Highness. I hope she likes them. :)

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(no subject) [Mar. 15th, 2010|10:32 am]
Here’s the quick and dirty weekend rundown.

The convention was awesome, lots of people showed up, I learned some new games, and we raised over $400 for a local youth group.

Glass class in Berkeley:
Nice people + glass torches + colored glass = win
BTW folks you need to post pics of the stuff you made. ;-)
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12 Night [Jan. 8th, 2010|01:24 pm]
Having all of my 12th Night commissions done before 12th Night = WIN!
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Glass promises [Dec. 9th, 2009|03:42 pm]
I am posting this because my memory sucks, and I try to always keep my promises. I need to make a list of all the folks I promised to make glass items for. So, if I have promised to make you something in glass please remind me what I promised to make you. I will make your item as soon as time and talent allow, so some people may need to be more patience then others depending on the complexity of the project.

Information needed:
Item(s) promised
Favorite colors

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Stop the maddness [Oct. 13th, 2009|12:40 pm]
Dear SCA friends,

As of this moment, I refuse to discuss any topics that involve banishments, war unit foo foo, rumor mongering, or bad mouthing of friends or enemies. If you start to talk to me about the subjects listed above, I will simply walk away. If you are having a problem in one or all of these areas that is too bad, but they are Your problems, not mine, and I did not travel to an event and pay my gate fee to hear you whine, cry, or bitch about them If you have a problem with someone then go have a private face to face chat with them and work it out, or agree to disagree, but don't try to drag me into it, because I really don’t care. If we keep rewarding the people who are involved in spinning up the drama by lending them an ear, then we are only helping to make matter worse.

I would be happy to hear what you are up to in regards to cooking, fighting, beekeeping, brewing, glass working, costuming, shoe making, horse ridding, dancing, board gaming, or barn raising.

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18 years [Oct. 2nd, 2009|10:22 am]
As of this Sunday my wife and I will have been married for 18 years. It’s seems like just yesterday that I meet her at a friends house party. It just goes to show that time flies when you’re having fun. :-)
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Green Sun Glass Art - the beginning [Jul. 31st, 2009|02:25 pm]
Here are some of the first buttons that I sold to my wifes local knitting shop.

I can do custom pieces and I am taking pre orders, we (meaning my wife) is working on the website and we are hoping to have that happening very soon, I need to build stock for potential internet sales.

These buttons measure 1 to 1.25 inches and I really like the effect the implosions have on the larger scale buttons. I can also make these as pendants for necklaces and other kinds of jewelry.

More to come as I come up with more designs and ideas for product.

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My first account [Jul. 24th, 2009|05:18 pm]
I just scored my first store account today. The fates have degreed that I should start by selling flamework glass buttons to one of the local knitting stores, and who am I to argue with the fates, or for that matter my lovely wife who suggested the idea, and then started pimping out my work to the local knitting community. The owner of Cast Away, a local knitting supply shop, was also nice enough to have faith in me. She likes to stock unique handmade item produced by local craftspeople, and well I’m unique , local, and she likes my work, so there you go. She gave me a list of other items she would also like me to consider making for her store, and said that in the future she would like me to make some custom buttons for some of their in house knitting kits. I hope this becomes lucrative for both of us.

This is all very exciting and new. I have been a civil servant for the past 25 years, so running my own business is a little scary for me. My father started and ran several businesses while I was growing up, so I learned some of the fundamentals from him; build a good product or provide a good service, price it fairly, stand behind your work and always keep your word. These are good things to live by, but some things I never learned at my father's knee, things like how to set up an ecommerce site. I’m afraid I don’t know a good deal from a bad deal when it comes to ecommerce. So if any of you have some knowledge about such things please clue me in, because I am lost in a sea data and techno jargon. What I need is a small site the looks nice, with a shopping cart, that I can easily post pictures of the items I would like to sell. I don’t know HTML, and although I could learn a little, I don’t want to become a programmer to run the site. Ideally drag and drop works for me. ;-)
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Sometimes you just can’t argue with the wisdom of Bob Dylan [Jul. 17th, 2009|01:12 pm]
For the times they are a-changin'
Lately my life it has been a-changin

Some things I once held dear, I now happily let go
For the times they are a-changin'
I no longer feel the need to fix every problem that gets thrown in my path
For the times they are a-changin'
I once always helped others, and put myself and loved ones last
But the times they are a-changin'
I once could not let others fall on their ass
But the times they are a-changin'

It's time for a change.
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